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What's the difference between a LED integrated light source and an COB light source?

Date: 2017-06-08 Source: Xuxing
What is an integrated light source? Is it the same product as the COB light source? LED and LED integrated light source lamp and what is the difference? Today let high technology Feijie Xiaobian to tell you!
LED integrated light source, is a multi chip integrated into a board, which is the same LED bracket, then between the chip and the chip with gold welding (series or parallel), light LED chip can also support light.
The COB light source, with LED integrated light source is actually the same package, is a multi chip integrated into the same LED bracket light, the difference lies in the COB light source is not needed welding line, with the encapsulation of the SMD patch almost, so COB both brightness or power than high power integrated light source. Can not do 200W or 500W such high-power, can generally only 80W.
LED lamp usually refers to a single chip, but many people also have high power integrated light source called integrated lamp, no matter how called, but their functions are the same, just a slightly different form of packaging.

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