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Xu Xing to explain the installation of high-power corn lamp before the need to note

LED lights are essential in the home life of most residents. However, the quality of such an important home product is difficult to be assured, and the LED lamp market still needs to be standardized. Recently, the State Administration for...

Xu Xing told you about the effectiveness of LED corn lamp and performance

Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of corn lamp | LED corn lamp | high power corn lamp | corn lamp manufacturer | corn lamp price | corn lamp brand | LED light brand | LED light price: 189-2689-0888, is a research and development, production and sales of corn lamp | Corn lamp manufacturers | LED corn lamp prices | LED corn lamp brand | corn lamp manufacturer | Dongguan corn lamp | Shenzhen corn lamp many one manufacturer; company has Dongguan | Shenzhen | Guangzhou | Zhuha...

What's the difference between a LED integrated light source and an COB light source?

What is an integrated light source? Is it the same product as the COB light source? LED and LED integrated light source lamp and what is the difference? Today let high technology Feijie Xiaobian to tell you!   LED integrated ...


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